Bocelli FarmHouse

The Azienda Bocelli has been developed over a number of generations. Initially the family worked a strip of land in the region before finally purchasing a small farm. Andrea's grandfather Alcide was truly passionate about the earth and he devoted his life to the development of the family farm. His son, Alessandro, inherited his father's passion and brought new ideas and a great deal of enthusiasm in order to develop the family business.
Alberto, Alessandro's son and Andrea's brother, then proceeded to take on the responsibility of the farm alongside his devoted wife Cinzia. Together they have renewed equipment, innovated numerous sectors of the farm and built an impressive sales network.
The setting of the is truly stunning. It can be found nestled in the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany, in the picturesque comune of Lajatico. Across 120 hectares of land the Bocelli family cultivate cereals, grape vines and olive trees.


The Bocelli Cellar

Only Great Italy Tour can take you inside the Bocelli Canteens, where you will be escorted through an exquisite wine tasting experience alongside Alberto and Cinzia Bocelli. Discover the array of wines produced by the Bocelli family, including varietals such as Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Colorino, Malvasia and Cabernet. Pair the refined taste of the wines with the delicate Bocelli crafted honey and olive oil, and entice your palate with a complementary degustation of authentic Tuscan flavors.

The Bocelli Vineyards

Under the Tuscan sun, immerse yourself in the Lajatico valleys, as you wander on a guided tour of the Bocelli vineyards. Get a glimpse of the sweet grapes handpicked for the production of the superior Bocelli wines - from Sangiovese to Cabernet. Embark on a sensory journey with Great Italy Tour and discover the aroma of the vines beloved by the Maestro Bocelli, whom often retreats to his treasured vineyards.

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