Bocelli Teatro del Silenzio 28 and 30 July 2018

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The Bocelli FarmHouse is a true testament of enthusiasm and passion transmitted through a number of generations.

The devotion for the earth is one deeply rooted in the Bocelli family, which originated with Andrea’s grandfather and through time inherited by both his grandsons
Alberto and Andrea.
Today, their product lineup has flourished and includes cereals, olive trees and their refined wine selection.
Among his many accomplishments, the FarmHouse remains one of Andrea’s most cherished treasure.
He often flees to the FarmHouse with his own family, and with great pleasure enjoys a bottle of fine wine with his loved ones.
The love and passion of the Bocelli family is materialized in their product offerings, and within the unique experience you will encounter when visiting the
Bocelli FarmHouse.

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Welcome once again to my country that thanks to this concert and most of all thanks to your presence, becomes for some days a land of dreams. It is always an amazing sight to witness the transformation of Lajatico, my country, into a cosmopolitan place.

The Azienda Bocelli has been developed over a number of generations. Andrea speaks of the pleasure that greets him when he returns to the farm and enjoys a bottle of fine wine produced on the family farm. He recalls his father and the great love that he had for his land.