Bocelli Food Experiences
At Great Italy Tour we are incredibly happy to present our brand new range of Bocelli Food Experiences, especially tailored for those who love savoring enogastronomic activities with a cultural twist. All of our Bocelli Food Experiences include a fine tasting of three Azienda Bocelli wines,served with locally produced Tuscan appetizers at the brand new Officine Bocelli Restaurant & Museum, located in the mesmerizing countryside of Valdera.
This is the perfect chance for you to discover the very best of our local enogastronomic traditions and learn more about Meastro Bocelli’s history and music productions. Plus, for those of you who want to take it next level, we recommend our exclusive Bocelli Cook n’ Eat Experience in which you will learn how to cook authentic Tuscan specialties tutored by our celebrated Officine Bocelli head chef !
Make the most of your Tuscan sojourn by experiencing our exclusive range of Bocelli Food Experiences, see you at the Officine Bocelli Restaurant & Museum and… alla salute!
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